January 2nd – So far so good?

tv couchIf,  like me you had a lazy relaxing but largely unproductive Christmas break. You may be suffering from the dreaded” holiday mode”. How do you snap out of it?

Well, this morning I felt like that. The first thing that I did was recognise that I had got into the habit of relaxing all day. It’s amazing how quickly we can form habits, even bad ones!

It just takes a simple decision to get back on track to get you started. Follow that  decision with an action.

For me the action was  looking at last years performance in my business on a spreadsheet. This got me excited about what we achieved and then I started looking towards what we can achieve in 2014. I started to focus on my CCMP’s for the coming year. (if you dont know what a CCMP is then read my other posts – you need to know that one).

I have now been at it for the last 3 hours.. planning my 2014 success.. planning my business performance, planning my personal income..planning how I can break down what I want into what I need to do to get it!

You have to learn to link what you want in the future (even the immediate future) to the activity that you do now!tv couch 2

Im back!! Focused, Motivated and fired up for the coming year.

Last year my business grew by 120%, I am going for another 100% growth this year and with the support of the company and the amazing team that I have plus the many new people who will come on board to partner with us, 2014 is already looking like it will be yet another year of growth and record breaking!

What has your 2nd Jan been like? A 2nd day of unproductivity or the first day towards an amazing year?

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