C-oncentrate (on)

Too often we say we want to do something or have something. We plan to get it, but we fall short. Sometimes we get so caught up in looking for business opportunities that we will sign up to anything. It amazes me when I come across people who are in 4 or 5 home based businesses. I meet people who are so “busy” doing this and that project, on that panel or steering group, have so much going on and they wonder why they are not making progress towards their goals.

Take a look at the different things that you do in your life. take the time this week to review you activities. Ask yourself, which activities take you closer to your goal and which slow you down. Find a way to organise your circumstances and discard or at the very least, cut back on the ones that slow you down. Don’t let your ego keep you doing something because it makes you feel important if that thing slows you down from achieving your real goals.

Everything begins with having a CCMP, a clear concise mental picture of what you seek. 98% of people do not have a clear understanding of what it is they actually want. They are not specific enough or focused enough on getting it. Without clarity and focus, goals are not goals , they are just wishy washy pipe dreams that will never happen.

Once you have decided which activity or business is the most important or mists likely to succeed, FOCUS on it. (This may not necessarily be the one that you like best) Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by obstacles or negativity. Just keep your gaze fixed on where you want to be and keep going. No matter how slow your progress it’s still progress but FOCUS will accelerate you to achieve your goals faster.

It can be difficult to make changes like this but remember that the proof of desire is pursuit. Your actions will reflect your level of desire.

What do your actions demonstrate now?


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One thought on “F.O.C.U.S

  1. A lot of people, r doing a lot of good. But without an overall Purpose & strategy.
    The problem is, if we keep doing lots of good, without boundaries, Focus & Purpose, we usually miss the Mark, and don’t Rise Up out of our small circumstances to Really be a Significant Blessing.
    It usually takes a stripping away, saying no to some things, to achieve Greatness.
    Sadly, many who keep doing lots of good, find themselves locked in a vicious circle of never truly breaking through and remain broke.
    Balance includes giving to yourself as well as other.
    Rise up with FOCUS and achieve the GREAT, rather than just doing good without direction;-)

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