Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude


“Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude”

One of my favourite quotes of all time.

What’s your attitude like?

What’s your attitude to new opportunity? Are you skeptical or open minded? Do you get some information then fill in the blanks with assumption or are you someone who get all the facts for themselves before making a judgement or a decision?

What’s your attitude to your future? Are you optimistic, pessimistic, realistic or ‘neutralistic’ to what lives brings? do you make things happen, hope they happen or let life pass you by and then end up saying “What Happened??”

What’s your attitude to adversity. Do you let it affect the rest of your life? Do you let it get you down, depress you or get you off track or do you recognise that every adversity has an equal and opposite benefit. Every adversity makes your stronger, gives you more experience and helps you grow and get better at life?

What’s your attitude to success? Do you expect it or worry if it is possible? Do you hope for it or take action to make it happen. Your actions have a direct impact on your success.

What’s your attitude to achievement? Are you proud, boastful or arrogant or are you humble, confident and recognise that whilst you have had success you still only know a small part of what there is to know?

What’s your attitude to work? Are you lazy, doing just enough to get by or not to get sacked or are you enthusiastic, conscientious and valuable?20140115-173430.jpg

What’s your attitude to your friends and family? Do you always judge them, tell them they can’t do things just because you can’t see their vision or do you encourage and support them in the things that they feel are important to them, even if you don’t agree with their choices?

We think of attitude as something that we can apply or not apply but your attitude is a reflection of your character. Its a huge part of life, a compass on your behaviour. it can attract or repel, encourage or discourage, build or destroy..

Your attitude really does determine how high you can fly but also how you help others fly or fall too. Choose to have the right attitude and you will astonished at how differently the world around you can look and feel.


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