ASSumption, the mother of all **** ups!?!

Someone once said that “assumption is the mother of all screw ups”. Whilst a making assumptions can sometimes be good and lead to opportunity, so often assumptions can prevent you from achieving your goals. Is it a wonder that 95% of people in the UK reach retirement age and are still working or dead broke? With a closed mind attitude and a skeptical mindset you close the door on the potential to achieve your dreams.

When presented with opportunity you need to do your due diligence. Smart people get all the facts, they don’t fill in the blanks with assumption. It amazes me how people just assume that because they failed at something before, they got ripped off the last time or had a bad experience with an opportunity, that they should close the door on every opportunity in the future. This is as ridiculous as saying that I got dumped by a girl once so I will never date again. Of course you date again, you just learn from the bad experience and the hurt and make a better job of choosing the next one!

When looking at a business opportunity you have got to ask yourselves these questions :

Is it ethical?
Does it work?
Is there a need for the product or service?
Can I do it?
What sort of support will I get?
Does it make financial sense?
What is it’s track record?

The biggest mistake you can make is assume that one business or company is like another one. If that was the case companies would never improve. The best businesses are those that have had challenges and learned and grown from them.


I recently had an email from someone who said they had done 10 minutes of research and had found out all they needed to know about my business and that basically it was a get rich scheme or worse. Seriously, ten minutes to research a multimillion pound turnover business that is regulated by the financial conduct authority!

Reading a blog or comments on the Internet does not constitute good research. You would seriously take the opinion of someone online who you have never met, don’t know their background, financial situation, business experience or motive to determine the choice you make on a business opportunity?? I am not saying don’t read the comments but “Smart people get ALL the facts” not just the misguided opinions of strangers. Do your research find out EVERYTHING, speak to people who do what they do, interview clients and really get to the bottom of things BEFORE you form an opinion.

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