The Benefits of Failure

images“Failure is just an opportunity to try again, only this time better equipped with more knowledge and experience increasing your chances of success”

Just because you fall down it doesn’t mean you cant get up. Falling down is what makes us learn, learning is what equips us with the necessary skills and experience to be stronger. Failure is when you don’t get up, quitting for good, is the only true failure but just because you quit it doesn’t make you a quitter. Quitting is something you do not something you are! A Winner or a Quitter is about attitude! All winners can lose and all losers can win but its the way you lose or win, how you respond, that is key!

Its comes down to a simple choice. A good friend of mine often says that you cant change the situation but can change your attitude towards the situation. Choice is the power we have to determine how we view things. Our feelings determine how we think, our thoughts determine our actions and our actions determine our results. It starts with your feelings and thoughts which you have control over.


Watch this great video by Dr Alan Watkins explaining “How to be Brilliant Every Single Day” – it explains how we can control our emotions which in turn controls how we feel and think and ultimately our results. A must watch video!failure_equals_learning


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