What’s the Point?

whats-the-pointSo often the simple answers are the best. I am often asked to consult on a project, a business, a website, a seminar, a course or a system. The client has a great idea, is very creative and enthusiastic about their idea and have super cool graphics, and great content but have missed the most basic of question –

What’s the point?

To be effective in business, finance and life it is essential that you know the answer to this question. Whats the point, what is your objective, what results are you looking to achieve? Is it a cool looking website or a content filled entertaining seminar, or is this just the vehicle taking you to the wrong destination?

I remember putting together a really cool seminar once, it was fun, content rich and had great powerpoint slides. I loved teaching the subject, covering the content felt great but I had forgotten the most basic question. If the point was for me to enjoy presenting, boost my ego and to teach some really cool concepts, it was an awesome seminar. However, the point was to get results, make a sale, close the business and it wasn’t achieving that.

BUSINESS TIP – Measure your results constantly, know your numbers

The point has got to be getting results. What are you trying to achieve? You need to start with the end in mind.

LIFE TIP – Start and the End

What is your goal for this course, event, website etc? Figure that out, then build the strategy to achieve it. Sometimes, as in my case it means taking out the thing you love, your favourite part to teach, sacrificing your own ego, for the final results. Results are key!

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