Effective Communication for Managers

Effective Communication for Managers

What is it about?
Effective communication is the foundation of every relationship, personal and professional. Gain greater results and open up better communication channels with your staff. Learn how to communicate and motivate  your team more effectively. Discover ways of identifying and understanding personality types to equip you to use the right language and communication channels.

Who is it for?

The Effective Communication for Managers course will empower anyone who would like to improve and maximise their communication skills with their staff or colleagues. It will teach them to communicate more effectively by recognising personality types and what drives and motivates their staff. Anyone who would like to learn to communicate in a more effective way by being able to identify communication styles and basic body language would benefit from this course. It will enable them to reduce misunderstandings and conflict, improve morale and increase productivity.

What will be covered?

  • An introduction to personality types
  • Tailoring Your Message for Success
  • Using the Right Language
  • Motivating Your Staff

Course Length
4 hours

Course Costs
0-5 delegates – £450 per delegate
5-10 delegates – £400 per delegate
|11-15 delegates – £350 per delegate
16+ delegates contact for a quotation

To find out when our next course days is or to request a booking contact us on bookings@owbridge.com

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