Understanding Body Language

Understanding Body Language

What is it about?
Body Language makes up 55% of our communication. If we learn how to recognise non verbal communication we communicate more effectively. Learn how to use body language to your advantage in, management, negotiation or selling.

Who is it for?

The Understanding Body Language course will be useful to anyone who would like to communicate more effectively. Anyone who would like to build rapport more quickly or sell more effectively.

What will be covered?

  • Identifying positive and Negative Body Language
  • Developing more non verbal self awareness
  • Mirroring
  • Body Language Signals and Meanings
  • Seating Positions and Arrangements
  • Cultural Differences
  • Body language in Context

Course Length
1 day

Course Costs
0-5 delegates – £950 per delegate
5-10 delegates – £850 per delegate
|11-15 delegates – £750 per delegate
16+ delegates contact for a quotation

To find out when our next course days is or to request a booking contact us on bookings@owbridge.com

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