Find out what people are saying about Steve. I have posted some feedback that I received by email or on paper but feel free to post your own course, training, coaching, mentoring and event feedback in comments below.


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19 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Effective Communication – This course basically teaches you how to read others and speak to them in a way they will respond. It is a brilliant course for anyone working within a team. I went on the course to figure out how to get along better with my team and even got more than I bargained for! You are taught how to identify key personalities you work with. You are also taught how to read, speak and tailor your messages to get a better results and reactions from them! I even figured out why my husband doesn’t get certain things I tell him and even how to communicate better with my daughter! The personality model this course teaches you is so accurate it is scary and will definitely help you to understand yourself, what you are capable of and what your strengths and weaknesses are. I could not believe how accurately I was depicted by the test and other people on the course said the same! Pure genius! – LO, London

    • Steve is a the highly respected Executive Vice President of one of Genistar’s London Teams, an excellent, professional and funny trainer & devoted leader. His presentations are full of energy, passion, vitally important and inspiring education & information. I always learn something from his courses, his enthusiasm motivates and incites people to recognise and search themselves to transform into what they can be, bettering their lives. Steve always surprises me when I meet with him, his his attention to detail and being able to improvise, be analytical, honest objective. He’s extremely supportive with his London team and doesn’t think twice about going all over the UK to help other Genistar teams and Executive Vice Presidents. Genistar is his passion, he’s focussed on it’s principles and ethics to help people get out of debt and become financially free, whilst he goes that extra mile for reps to become promoted so that they can enjoy what he has. But for me, above all, he’s a nice man, straight, to the point, disciplined, expects the best out of his team members, and has dreadful taste in music. I admire him immensely and he’s helped me in so many ways to transform my views about money, wealth creation, and general behaviour…….Thanks Steve

  2. Last week’s course was AMAZING! More than the course content was your enthusiasm. I was so moved by some of the nuggets you spoke about gave me the focus and motivation to go home and work on plans to take forward some of my goals.

    I was buzzing so much I had to sit for a while to get some ‘balance’ before getting stuck into what I call my CV (creative visualisation) work. – S.H, London

  3. Thank you for the training yesterday. It had a positive impact on me. The things I have let slip into complacency are now back in the forefront of my mind. Not really the intended purpose of the training, but none the less I now have myself some personal goals again. Ironically it has made me re-start my convocational hypnosis course. I completed it a number of years back but I no longer use the techniques daily, so that is positive. Also I have started correctly assessing my finances again. I have not paid much attention to that of late. So I guess first off I want to thank you for nudging the dormant part of my psyche. – SB, London

  4. Steve is a great leader and knowledgeable trainer. He knows his stuff and he is able to deliver training with so much energy, knowledge and precision. I have learnt so much from his seminars. Keep up the good work!

  5. Steve Owbridge provides a naturally engaging and fun approach to the training sessions I’ve had the privilege of being a part of. From going through the process of achieving your goals to number crunching, no one breaks things down quite like Steve does who ensures that no stone is left unturned when coaching you on how to win in life! – A.L, London

  6. Steve Owbridge a dynamic Authority figure in his field demonstrates a very high level of leadership as he has a profound knowledge of his subject area.
    Steve is very experienced and very engaging when delivering on a 1-2-1 basis to large audiences.
    He gives you those life tools you can go away and use on your own.
    I am very glad to have the opportunity to be in business as well as learn from him.
    Thanks Steve, keep up the good work!

    “Your attitude determine your altitude” – Steve Owbridge

  7. Steve Owbridge. What can I can say about this Awesome Guy! I have know Steve for a while not only he has been a great leader to me. He has shown me I have a purpose in life. He has demonstrated that there’s always a solution to every challenge and there’s no such thing as a “Problem”… He has pushed me to my greatest ability and always challenge me to be great!!
    I cannot thank him enough, he is one of a few people that I love to make proud.

  8. Interesting, Practical Course – The subject matter of the course is enjoyable, practical, and the instructor is a good choice. Worth taking. The previous reviews say it all, really. A.N – London

  9. I think this is a course that people can benefit from and apply at work straight away. Also, it encourages you to find out more and develop your understanding further. CB – London

  10. Cannot recommend enough!

    This course is really good, it not only helps you understand yourself but it also helps you understand how to adapt your communication style to others looking at their personalities. It provides you with a new way of thinking, the trainer is very engaging and your sure to have a pleasant training session.

  11. All staff should attend this

    The training is about effective communication with all personality types. It aims to understand how to identify the personality of a person, and also the way to tailor the message to that person based on the personality type. Firstly this is an interesting topic, secondly it is an invaluable skill to apply in the work place.

  12. Interesting, Practical Course

    The subject matter of the course is enjoyable, practical, and the instructor is a good choice. Worth taking. The previous reviews say it all, really. LBS – London

  13. Steve Owbridge is an excellent leader, coach and always dedicated to do his best for those he teaches. I am privileged to be one of those blessed people. His coaching has impacted so many areas of my life; in particular the training he gives on budgeting. Steve broke this subject down into such simple terms and it has inspired me greatly. I am happy to say that I am applying the principles he taught and my financial situation has taken a massive turn for the better. Steve always reminds us that ‘making a small change to any area of our lives can make a huge difference.’ I have proven this to be true.
    Thanks Steve for being willing to make the sacrifices you do to pour your invaluable knowledge and wisdom into people to see their lives change for the better. I am truly grateful and am slowly but surely working to apply what you’ve taught.

  14. I have had the privilege to be trained and mentored by Steve for 3 years.
    I have to say Steve has a unique and Incredible gift for communication, 1 2 1 coaching and group training and seminars. Although my schedule and commitments are diverse, conflicting and hectic, wherever possible I clear my diary for Steve’s events.

    I am regularly amazed by Steve’s ability to adapt a session and go off the cuff/re route what he’d planned if the audience merits it, so they can receive the most relevant material on the day. I am also amazed at how naturally, creatively and quickly Steve produces powerfully engaging presentations with completely relevant, instantly useable and impacting material that change results and build teams when applied,

    If you’re looking for a fresh, young dynamic trainer to engage and bring out the best for your team, company etc, I strongly recommend you get in touch, Steve Really adds value.

  15. “Steve Owbridge is one a kind. He’s funny, witty and made me re-think about my life and how I could lead my team to success. He’s one of the friendliest and humble people I have come across. Keep shinning, you beautiful soul.”

  16. I have the privilege of having been a mentor to Steve for the past **** years or so but in the past few years the student has exceeded the skills of the teacher! Steve has taught me many things and I have no problem calling him for coaching in areas he excels. Always quick to judge his own performance, Steve is keen to develop and grow and constantly has the attitude of a perpetual student – always open to learn – an attitude that separates the winners! I am so proud to be in business with Steve and can see an amazing future for him! JO Lincoln

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