Have you ever seen something, found something or got excited about something only to share it with your family member or friend and be told something like “its probably a scam” or “it sounds too good to be true” or even “it will never work”?

It really amazes me how people listen to people who know less then they do and then value their opinion! How valuable can an opinion be that is based on less knowledge on a subject than you have already?

Think about it.. you have got an opportunity and it looks good, but you still don’t know enough about to to make a decision? You need to get some questions answered before you can decide, you need ALL the facts. Where do you go?

a) Ask your friend and family who haven’t seen what you have seen and so are judging on even less knowledge than you?

b) Some random person who posted an opinion on the internet. A person who you don’t know at all. You don’t know how qualified they are to comment or what their background or motives are? Many of these are what I call “The Probably People”. they say things like.. “oh..its probably like this”.. or “its probably like that”.. or “it probably wont work for you”

c) The person who tells you that they did the thing you want to look into and it didn’t work for them? Maybe it didn’t work for them because they didn’t work for it? Maybe they had less talent or desire than you? maybe they quit too soon? Should you determine if your success is possible based on someone else’s failure?

d) Talk to the person most qualified to answer all your questions.. the expert in the thing you’re looking at. The person who can answer ALL the questions. Ask them to prove what they say, show you facts EVEN SHOW and statistics if that helps.

But don’t.. really “Don’t… let people who have given up on their dreams talk you out of yours.” Don’t let negative people steal your future successes from you.

Some people in your network are really happy with the way things are.. some like that they drive nicer car than you or live in a bigger house.. some like that your at their ‘level’ they don’t want you to excel and possibly outgrow them. Some love that they can moan about life with you..after all misery loves company right!?

So what now? Take PosItive Action.

Get ALL the FACTS about an opportunity not just opinions. Share your goals with like minded people who will encourage and support and not tear down. Your future is in your hands and is determined by your own choices. In 10 years time if you listen to the wrong opinions you are the one who has to live with the consequences of youR choices not those probably people.